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Indian Catering is universal term used for so many different types of cuisine. India is a population of 1 billion with a vast and as many different regions and states, naturally results in own style of cooking. With diverse ingredients, spices and cooking methods Indian food is different from region to region.

There are numerous Indian catering companies in UK that offer various catering services who will also be specialising in certain cuisines. Most cuisines are named after the Indian regions.

In North India comes Punjabi food, which is famous for the popular Tandoori style cooking. Meat, naans etc are cooked in a clay oven which is heated with coal giving each dish its own distinctive flavour and aroma.

From West India comes Gujarati cuisines. Gujarat is mainly know for its vegetarian dishes and pulses. Gujarati dishes are served in Thali and hence also known as thali dish. In thali there are various small tray containing number of small bowls which serves different Gujarati dish. In a typical thali there are vegetable dishes, dahl (lentils), rice, bread, roti, pickles and sweet dish.

Moving to Southern part of Gujarat and we have state of Maharashtra. Maharashtrians enjoy meat and fish in their diets. On the eastern coast of India is Bengal. Seafood is a traditional part of an evening meal for the people of Bengal. Fish is a staple item in the diet of Bengalis.

In the southern most tip of India you can enjoy the Keralan cuisine. Keralan cuisine consists of meat, fish and vegetables flavoured with a specific blend of spices and ingredients which give the dishes a sweet and spicy flavour. Coconut and rice are staple ingredients in Keralan food.

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